Lack of squirrels mar hunting event


Animal lovers and conservationists in New Jersey will be happy as a hunting event went wrong in the state over the weekend.

Lack of squirrels mar hunting event
Lack of squirrels mar hunting event

New Jersey hosted its first-ever “Squirrel Classic” hunting tournament on Saturday — and although the weather was fine, the workshop well-attended, and the animal activists shouted “Murderers!” from safely across the street, there was still one tricky hitch – no squirrels.

The squirrels are mostly dormant during the cold weather, and they wisely stayed away from the cross-fire hubbub of air rifle shooting and activist protesting unfolding on their turf, thanks to the Inskip Antlers Hunting Club in rural Winslow.

A measly three beady-eyed varmints were killed and weighed, said Inskip’s treasurer, Kevin Maffei.

“It’s not an overly great time if you want to kill an abundance of squirrels,” Maffei admitted.

“They’re not running around like you would think they would be.”


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